Customer Reference Cases

We have worked with tens of international hi-tech companies in the areas of IoT, Industry 4.0, 5G, telecom, AI, video streaming, wearables, green-tech, clean-tech, and more. Here are snapshots of some of our customer cases.

Strategic Product Marketing Cases

Wirepas develops the world’s best wireless Mesh connectivity technology for IoT. Grip Agency helped Wirepas to define and describe its solution, features, and the most important customer benefits to differentiate and communicate its value proposition to the potential customers.

Mikko helped us define the pain points and key topics we should communicate to our customers. Once these were identified, finalizing product messaging was easy.

– Mirva Saarijärvi, Head of Marketing and Communications, Wirepas

Teleena, now part of TATA Communications is a Dutch IoT connectivity provider and MVNE. Grip Agency helped Teleena define its new IoT service offering, create a value proposition, and produced the marketing messaging and content for the solutions and key industry verticals for Teleena’s website, presentations, and brochures.

Content Marketing & PR Projects

When a device maker needs to develop an advanced, cool-looking, and high-quality wireless product, they usually call Haltian for product development and design services! Haltian is also a world-known Industrial IoT company and AWS specialist. Grip Agency has provided Haltian with multiple whitepapers, blogs, articles, and lead generation and PR projects to enable top-rankings on Google, sales lead conversions and publicity on the tech media globally.

Grip Agency has a really well thought out process for supporting companies in need of content. Working with Mikko was fun and I can recommend Grip Agency for even more technical pieces.

- Ville Ylläsjärvi, Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder, Haltian

TOSIBOX is a global specialist in secure enterprise connectivity – they provide enterprises the easiest, yet robust way to connect assets and premises! Grip Agency delivered TOSIBOX a press release to communicate the appointment of the new CEO to the global tech and business media.

The Denmark-based Xstream, now owned by SeaChange International Inc. delivers a cloud-based end-to-end OTT video streaming platform for broadcasters, telecoms, and IPTV providers. Grip Agency was Xstream’s preferred partner for marketing for 18 months, until the acquisition. The delivered services included content creation for product descriptions, presentations, and the website, lead generation in conjunction with several industry events, and through leadership articles, and PR.

Business Finland is the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment, and promotion organization. Grip Agency helped BusinessFinland’s Connectivity from Finland business acceleration program to generate tech media publicity for the companies showcasing at the Finland Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles in 2018. The companies featured in the campaign were Bcaster, Cloudstreet, Convergentia, Creanord, Exomi, F-Secure, Kaitotek, Sitowise, and Tosibox. The published articles dealt with user generated content, 5G, IoT security, digital identity, and more.

Elisa Smart Factory
helps global manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and processing companies to improve their production quality, and increase yield and operational efficiency with predictive data analytics and machine learning. Grip Agency helps Elisa Smart Factory’s marketing team by producing whitepapers, and blogs, and by writing, and publishing thought leadership articles.

Grip has become our go-to agency for technology content creation! They can write engaging, selling, and easy-reading stories about complicated tech solutions and industrial subjects in IoT,Industry 4.0, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and Machine Learning. No hand-holding is needed, regardless of how difficult the topic is, Grip always delivers on time. They give great strategic advice on all things marketing. The blogs rank high on Google, white papers have converted into many valuable sales leads, and thought leadership articles get us coverage on the global tech media. I highly recommend Grip Agency!

– Tanja Rauniaho-Mitchell, Head of Product Marketing, Elisa Smart Factory

Sales Lead Generation

SenzoLive, now part of Steerpath, develops a flexible, innovative, and cost-efficient way for corporates to monitor their real-estate occupancy to optimize space utilization and costs. Grip Agency helped SenzoLive boost sales via a highly targeted, and productive lead generation campaign of four months. 

If you want to rapidly generate sales leads in B2B Tech markets, we are confident in recommending Grip Agency. Grip team was instrumental in helping us building an efficient lead generating machine through Adwords and inbound content. The periodic performance metrics we received clearly demonstrated the constant value Grip Agency was delivering. Working with Mikko and Janne was a pleasure - with a quick service and solid ROI.

– Andy Korhonen, CEO, SenzoLive

Soil Scout develops the world’s most advanced wireless underground soil sensor and cloud-based monitoring solution for smart farming, and data-driven golf and sports turf maintenance. GripAgency works as Soil Scout’s lead generation partner. Download a case study on how 400 IoT sales leads were generated with Soil Scout in just 3 months!

Grip Agency’s digital lead generation service has been crucial in helping Soil Scout’s sales team rapidly ramp up its distributor network, and growing sales globally. Mikko brings in broad technology marketing experience combined with in-depth skills in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation. We can sincerely recommend him & Grip Agency for international B2B tech companies.

- Jalmari Talola, Soil Scout CEO

Outsourced Marketing Manager

The Switzerland-based Sicap is the global pioneer in mobile device management solutions for telecom operators and MVNOs. Mikko Nurmimaki worked together with Sicap’s team as a part-time, outsourced Marketing Manager for 3 years (2017 – 2020). Mikko managed and executed all marketing activities in the company – including creating a marketing strategy, value propositio, and sales and marketing collateral, and updated the website, and managed PR, social media, content marketing, lead generation, and industry events. Several webpages and blogs gained top 1 - 5 positions on Google, and the domain’s key ratings grew by 45% in 3 years as a result of systematic SEO.

Mikko Nurmimaki had an instrumental role in rebuilding Sicap’s new marketing strategy and value proposition and helping the team grow sales via digital marketing and PR. We are very pleased with Mikko’s performance as Sicap’s Marketing Manager during his three years of valued service.

- Adrian Patterson, CEO, Sicap

How Sicap generated 200 sales leads at MWC Barcelona? Download case study!