Technology Public Relations

Tech Companies with strong Thought Leadership image get higher industry visibility, receive more RFP invitations, and gain B2B Buyer preference. As a result, they simply sell more than their competitors!

Public Relations can get you on the headlines of Tech Media, and strengthen your credibility!

To make this happen is not a walk in the park, though. You must develop an insightful and newsworthy topic, create compelling storyline, flawless copy, and editorial finishing. It also requires the right contacts, and a lot of hard work to get media hits.

What should you consider when hiring a PR agency for Tech?

Hiring a Public Relations Agency for Tech

Public Relations for technology companies involves many of the same activities as other types of PR. However, there are areas of niche expertise that you should look for when hiring a tech PR agency. 

Here is a Technology Public Relations Agency -Check-list

When looking for a PR Agency, make sure it checks these three boxes of tech expertise:

1 - Technology and Industry Expertise

By hiring a PR agency with deep industry expertise, you avoid having to spend time and money for training them for, e.g., telecom standards, IoT protocols, manufacturing processes, predictive analytics, or soil remediation techniques. You can also skip the industry jargon lessons – a real Tech PR agency would tune on the lingo.

2 - Technology Writing Experience

When you start building the relationship with Tech Media, and a continuous, long-term news flow, you will need a broad spectrum of content. Make sure the PR agency has the expertise for writing press releases, industry, statements, thought leadership articles, white papers, case studies, and blogs in industry and technology context.

3 - Technology Media Relations

Unlike B2C companies, tech companies in B2B markets don’t have to build awareness in the  consumer space. When partnering with a PR Agency, check that they have a successful record in publishing on the global media outlets of your industry, and, ideally, also on national business media in your target markets. 

Thought Leadership Articles

Here are the ten best thought leadership example articles we have produced for your customers.

Make Your Company the Industry Thought Leader!

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We have written hundreds of articles and press releases for our customers. These have gained thousands of publications in the global Tech Media in several industries – telecoms, IoT, Industry 4.0, video and broadcasting, green-tech… Read examples of our reference articles!

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