Technology Sales Leads Generation

Unlike B2C content marketing, which is based on spreading links by cute cat videos, universally consumable content and listings of various trivial topics, content marketing in B2B Technology business is not that simple. It must be based on relevant, thought-provoking, high-quality industry content, which fits your company brand, captures the attention of professional audiences and gets published on industry media, blogs, and forums.

Yet, you want your content to be visible on the First Search Engine Result Pages for relevant keywords. This requires well balanced messaging, which captures the most popular keywords while it still remains aligned with your branding and conveys the essential message to specialist buyers. The content must be smartly linked across external websites and your company website, to direct audiences to the correct place and to gain the maximum boost for your Search Ranking.

Grip Agency has developed a field-proven content marketing formula for companies in B2B Tech markets, which has already moved several companies to the Top of Search Results for strategic keywords.

Can you afford not to hear more about that formula?

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Our digital marketing campaigns have a proven record of churning sales leads for our Tech customers - for example, 1,000 B2B sales leads in 12 months in the Telecom Market! We are ready to break that record with you!

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“If you want to rapidly generate sales leads in B2B Tech markets, we are confident in recommending Grip Agency. Grip team was instrumental in helping us to build an efficient lead generating machine through Google Ads and inbound content. The periodic performance metrics clearly demonstrated the constant value Grip Agency was delivering. Working with Mikko and Janne was a pleasure - with a quick service and solid ROI.”

– Andy Korhonen, CEO, SenzoLive