Technology Sales Leads Generation

Sales Lead Generation via inbound marketing helps you to acquire new B2B customers in the global tech markets  - and, boost sales, fast!

Why Inbound Marketing?

Because the outbound sales approach is not synchronized with customers’ buying cycle so, you cannot know what they need, and when. With inbound lead generation, however, you let the buyers and specialists find you – when it best suits them!  

Did you know that 94% of the B2B buyers search for information on Google about technologies and solutions to select their preferred vendor? They judge vendors based on the online content and only contact the shortlisted vendors. That’s why you cannot acquire new customers effectively with outbound sales anymore!

So, how can you get on buyers’ shortlists with inbound marketing?

Here's Our Leads Generation Approach

You must grab the attention of buyers, decision-makers, and specialists early in the buying process when they are searching for information, and provide them with content that helps them solve their problems.

However, you have to set up hooks along the process to incentivize them to contact you – such as a downloadable case study that they cannot resist! Now you can engage with the potential buyers early – and grow your sales faster!

Grip Agency wraps up a complete inbound lead generation process for tech companies!

Here’s how it helped our IoT customer generate 400 sales leads in just three months!

Can you afford not to hear more?

94% of the B2B buyers search for information about technologies and solutions from various online sources to back up their vendor research. -The State of B2B Procurement Study by Accenture’s Acquity Group

B2B buyers will not contact the vendors’ sales teams until an average of 57% of their buying process is done. - TheDigital Evolution in B2B Marketing study by Gartner and Google

Put Your Sales on a Growth Track with Us!

Our inbound marketing campaigns have a proven track record of generating valuable sales leads for Tech companies - for example, 400 IoT sales leads in 3 months! We want to break that record with you!

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“If you want to rapidly generate sales leads in B2B Tech markets, we are confident in recommending Grip Agency. Grip team was instrumental in helping us to build an efficient lead generating machine through Google Ads and inbound content. The periodic performance metrics clearly demonstrated the constant value Grip Agency was delivering. Working with Mikko and Janne was a pleasure - with a quick service and solid ROI.”

– Andy Korhonen, CEO, SenzoLive