How Grip Agency Helped Soil Scout Generate 400 IoT Sales Leads?

How to generate 400 IoT leads in 3 months through digital inbound marketing? Download the case study!

Soil Scout develops the world’s most advanced wireless underground soil sensor and cloud-based monitoring solution for smart farming, and data-driven golf and sports turf maintenance.

Soil Scout’s solution is sold globally across three vertical markets via distributors, and directly to the end-customers. To accelerate global revenue growth cost-efficiently, Soil Scout partnered with Grip Agency to support its agile sales team with inbound lead generation.

Grip Agency, as a technology marketing specialist was a natural choice for Soil Scout - it has an in-depth understanding of wireless IoT technologies, and green-tech.

Soil Scout’s first campaign was launched in a record-time – in one month! And, it started to generate leads immediately – the first request for a budgetary offer was received on the third day!

As a result of launching a total of three blogs, and running three months of search engine marketing (SEM), more than 400 marketing qualified leads (MQL) had been collected within the target industries and IoT sectors!  

Grip Agency’s digital lead generation service has been crucial in helping Soil Scout’s sales team rapidly ramp up its distributor network, and growing sales globally. Mikko brings in broad technology marketing experience combined with in-depth skills in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation. We can sincerely recommend him & Grip Agency for international B2B tech companies. - Jalmari Talola, Soil Scout CEO

Download the IoT sales leads case study for all the details!

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Mikko Nurmimäki

Mikko Nurmimaki is a technology marketing specialist with 15 years of experience from world-class tech brands such as Nokia, Ericsson, Spirent and more. Before founding Grip Agency, Mikko held product marketing responsibility at Spirent’s Connectivity Technologies and Management Business Unit.