MWC Marketing Case Study - How to Generate 200 Sales Leads in Barcelona?

MWC is a massive event. For many telecom companies, it is extremely difficult to become noticed and attract visitors. This case study explains how Grip Agency helped a mobile device management vendor, Sicap to generate 200 leads at MWC in 2018! ... You can Download the Case study!

Mikko Nurmimäki
December 29, 2021
Telecom Marketing
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What is MWC? 

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the premier event in the mobile industry. The GSMA reported more than 107,000 visitors from 205 countries and territories during the four days in the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. More than 2,400 companies showcased their offerings across 120,000 square meters of exhibition and hospitality space at the Fira Gran Via conference center.

Grip Agency delivered Sicap Schweiz AG, the global device management and analytics vendor a successful MWC Marketing campaign in Barcelona in 2018. This case study describes the key points of the project.

You can download the MWC Marketing Case Study including detailed Marketing Plan and campaign results! 

Sicap's MWC Marketing Plan

MWC is the largest and the single most important marketing investment for Sicap. The sheer size of MWC makes it the biggest marketing opportunity, and at the same time the riskiest marketing investment for telecom vendors such as Sicap.

According to Magnus Moller-Petersen, EVP Sales and Marketing at Sicap, MWC is a massive event and it is extremely difficult to become noticed and attract visitors to a booth.

To maximize the return on its marketing investment for MWC in 2018, Sicap partnered with Grip Agency, the technology marketing agency, and PR specialist. Grip Agency created the Marketing Plan and delivered and executed to Sicap a total exhibition campaign.

Specifically, the MWC Marketing campaign comprised of creation of an event theme narrative, a visual design for the stand, landing page, content and event materials, social media promotion, press release, a promotional animation, and a video. The campaign was undertaken in co-operation with VanillaPlus, the world-leading telecom media, which contributed with a highly impactful program including hosted thought leadership content, email promotions, a banner and background skin advertisements elements.

MWC Marketing case study
MWC Marketing Case-study - Project Plan

MWC Marketing Campaign Results - 200 Telecom Leads!

“For Sicap, MWC is the largest and single most important marketing investment of the year and we want the maximum return for the outlay. Grip Agency made the MWC in 2018 the most successful MWC in the history of our company. Grip’s content activations and engagement through social media promotion, emailing and media publicity converted into more than 200 relevant industry contacts and many meetings, encounters, and demonstrations during the four-day show,” said Moller-Petersen.

Download the MWC Marketing Case Study!

You can download the MWC Marketing Case Study used for Sicap's MWC campaign in 2018 - it includes the key campaign results.

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About Sicap

Sicap is a global telecommunication and IoT solution provider for Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators delivering an all-encompassing customer experience to make the mobile world more profitable, manageable and secure. Founded 20 years ago as a Swisscom spin-off, Sicap now delivers solutions to more than 80 mobile service providers in 76 countries. Its international team in ten locations ensures excellent customer service worldwide. For more:

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Mikko Nurmimäki

Mikko Nurmimaki is a technology marketing specialist with 15 years of experience from world-class tech brands such as Nokia, Ericsson, Spirent and more. Before founding Grip Agency, Mikko held product marketing responsibility at Spirent’s Connectivity Technologies and Management Business Unit.