Technology Product Marketing

Differentiation is critical if you want to succeed in the highly competitive technology markets!

We help you to create Product Marketing Messaging and Value Proposition that convey your unique value in an understandable and compelling way! 

Here is our Technology Product Marketing Process!

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Technology Product Marketing Method by Grip Agency
Here is our Technology Product Marketing Method

Defining Product Marketing Strategy

The field-proven success formula starts by defining a product marketing strategy, which differentiates and positions your products in the market. We analyze your end-customer' needs, and benchmark your products against to the main competitors. Based on this, we define a product marketing strategy for positioning and differentiating your products in the market.

Describing and Quantifying Customer Benefits

Companies invest in your products once they can see economic value of the benefits. We help you to describe the customer benefits provided by your products. In an ideal case, the customer value can be Quantified in terms of Revenue, Capex and Opex gains.

Creating Impactful Product Marketing Messaging

Based on the new product marketing strategy, we create a customer value proposition and detailed marketing messaging for your products including key features and unique selling points. The product messaging is designed to resonate with the customer needs, and to convey your distinctive value.

Producing Product Marketing Material

Selling and buying complex technology products is difficult. It requires sales tools such as presentations, descriptions, videos, ebooks, webpages, and value calculators. The buyers of tech products need detailed information to make up their minds about the right vendor. We produce branded materials that help your sales team to sell, and your buyers to buy - your products! 

Create a Value Proposition that Differentiates Your Products
and Communicates Your Unique Value!

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"Mikko helped us define the pain points and key topics we should communicate to our customers. Once these were identified, finalizing product messaging was easy."

– Mirva Saarijärvi, Head of Marketing and Communications, Wirepas