Strategic Tech Product Marketing

No matter what you are selling, competition in the international tech markets is fierce. Your only way to succeed is to differentiate your products!

We can help you to define a sharp differentiation strategy and create a unique Value Proposition that explains the buyers why they should choose your products! 

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Technology Product Marketing Method by Grip Agency
Here is our Technology Product Marketing Method

Here is Our Process!

Defining Marketing Strategy

The process starts by analyzing your customers' needs, benchmark your products against the main competitors, and define a marketing strategy to position and differentiate your products in the market.

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Describing Customer Benefits

Companies invest in your products only if they can see benefits and economic value. We describe the  benefits your products deliver, and, ideally, quantify the value via revenue, CAPEX, and OPEX gains.

Creating Impactful Product Messaging

We create a unique value proposition for your products including marketing messaging, key features, and benefits so that it resonates with the customer needs, and  conveys your distinctive value.

Producing the Marketing Material

Selling and buying complex products is difficult. You need good sales tools such as presentations, descriptions, ebooks, and value calculators, which we can produce to help you to sell, and buyers to buy - your products! 

Create a Unique Value Proposition that Explains Why Customers
Should Choose Your Products!

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"Mikko helped us define the pain points and key topics we should communicate to our customers. Once these were identified, finalizing product messaging was easy."

– Mirva Saarijärvi, Head of Marketing and Communications, Wirepas