Increase Telecom Marketing ROI with this Keyword Analysis for ‘Self-Organizing Networks’

In Telecom Marketing, getting your content ranked at the Top of Google search results is crucial. In this article, we give an example of keyword analysis and SEO tips for SON Vendors for how to rank content higher on Google!

In Telecom Marketing, getting your content ranked at the Top on Google search results is crucial. The buyers, decision makers, and influencers in telecom operators compare competing solutions online and invite only the shortlisted vendors for tendering. For the telecom vendors, ranking content at the Top of the search results is hard and time-consuming, which can risk sales.

There are thousands of monthly Google searches related to Self-Organizing Networks (SON) - one of the biggest telecom marketing topics. In this article, we give an example of keyword analysis and SEO tips for SON Vendors for how to Rank content higher on Google to capture buyers’ attention.

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How to Create SEO Content for Better Telecom Marketing?

Content marketing for highly-specialized Telecom market such as Self Organizing Networks (SON) can take a large share of your marketing budget. That’s why you should create and publish highly-effective content that ranks at the Top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the relevant keywords. Here is the process for creating Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content:

  1. Start with a keyword analysis. Select the keywords relevant for your topic, in this case, Self Organizing Networks.
  2. Consider your target audience, buyers and decision maker profiles such as mobile operators’ CTOs, directors, managers, and decision influencers who are responsible for e.g. OSS, RF planning, RAN and network operations and management.
  3. Refine keyword selection into those which have low Ranking Difficulty index and high search volumes.
  4. Carry out the first SERP content benchmark to determine the user intent, and what kind of content currently ranks at the first page for your keywords to see how you can tower over.
  5. Finally, it is all about creating effective SEO content including the meta descriptions, optimized URLs, imagery, videos, backlinks, and other assets.

SON Keyword Analysis for Telecom Marketers

The below graph shows two data points for ten popular SON related keywords. The bars show how many times each of the keywords are searched online monthly. The higher the bar the more often people search for the keyword. The marker dots along the line tell how difficult it is to rank on the First Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for each keyword. Again, the higher the dot is on the graph, the more difficult the ranking. Based on the two data points, it is easy to find the best opportunities for Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content in the SON market. Continue reading for strategic tips!

SEO Tips to Rank Higher in Telecom Market

Gold Nugget Buzz-words

Gold Nugget keywords have very high monthly search volume and they are easy to rank. That’s why we call them Gold Nuggets. Buzz-word keywords, on the contrary, typically have extremely high search volume and they are also very difficult to Rank for. Gold Nugget + Buzz-word keyword combos, like self organizing networks and self organized networks in the above graph, are rare. They have a high search volume and low ranking difficulty.

Our Recommendation: This is a no-brainer; self organizing networks and self organized networks keywords are great content marketing opportunities. Carry out a keyword analysis and start producing keyword optimized content on a frequent basis. Telecom Buzz-words such as Self-Organizing Networks are usually highly-competed regardless of the easy ranking index. So, maximize the ranking of your content through high-value backlinks.

Over-rated Keywords

Some keywords might seem “Over-rated”, i.e. they have particularly high ranking difficulty in relation to the search volume. Over-rated keywords can be topical, or specific, like son technology and son mobile are in this case, and that’s why they can be difficult to Rank for.

Our Recommendation: Target Over-rated keywords such as son technology and son mobile only when necessary, and if you have cash-cow products to sell in these segments. You will need skilled resources for creating and publishing keyword optimized, high-quality content. Additionally, strong backlinks will be required. We also recommend searching for adjacent keywords with lower Keyword Difficulty.

Low Hanging Fruits

Self Organizing Network is a crowded telecom Buzz Word, but below the umbrella topic you can find narrower, and more specific keywords, which are much easier to Rank and they can bring good amounts of relevant traffic to your website.

Our Recommendation: Forget about targeting the trendy Buzz Words! Think outside of the box and make a thorough search analysis to find more specific, or adjacent keywords matching your business proposition. In this example, self optimizing networks or son networks could be good opportunities. Ranking on the First Google Search Result Page should not be too difficult, but it will require a detailed keyword analysis and highly targeted, and frequently published content.

Long-tail and Niche Keywords

Long-tail and niche keywords are easy to Rank on the First Search Results Page, but usually, provide very little organic traffic on a per keyword basis. However, don’t under estimate this area. The upside is that you can capture highly relevant telecom professional audiences and specialist buyers if you can offer them content matching their interests.

Our Recommendation: Target Long-tail keywords and niche topics (in this case: anr lte, d son, son lte and c son) if you have valuable and unique information and solutions to offer. However, put in extra effort to come up with thorough keyword analysis and produce high-quality, keyword optimized content. Great headlines will be of particular importance when trying to rank for specific searches.

Geographic Keyword Analysis

Geographic search analysis is important – you want to optimize your content for keywords, which are searched in your market area. You can use SEO tools to find out where your target keywords are searched most when planning your marketing and sales activities. Here is a breakdown of how the search volume of the Self Organizing Networks keywords is divided between the top three countries.


SERP Content Benchmark - Which Telecom Vendors Rank Best for SON?

It is always good to benchmark competitors’ content ranking on the first Search Engine Results Page for your keywords. That helps you to create better content, which towers over the competitors and eventually brings the buyers on your website!

Here are examples of SON technology vendors such as Aviat Networks, Comarch, Ericsson, Nokia and Rohde & Schwarz whose content ranks on the first Google SERP for at least one of the ten example SON keywords. Click the keyword to see the content piece for a practical example!

Ericsson self organizing networks

Comarch self organized networks

SON Technology son technology

Aviat Networks self optimizing network

RCR Wireless News son networks

Nokia son mobile

4G5G World anr lte

Pipeline Publishing d son

Rohde & Schwarz son lte

Rohde & Schwarz c son

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