Technology Public Relations – Six Benefits You Get from Media Coverage

Why technology companies should do Public Relations (PR) when they could save time and money simply by blogging? This blog explains the six key benefits of Technology Public Relations!

Mikko Nurmimäki
December 29, 2021
Technology Marketing
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Marketing managers at technology companies often ask us why they should invest in Public Relations (PR) when they can simply publish blog content on their website and share it on social media?

There are six benefits why technology companies should do public relations. We explain them in this article!

Technology Public Relations Captures Larger Audience

Blogs published on your website and distributed through social media are a great way to share, for example, search engine optimized (SEO) content. But, because of how most social networks work, your posts are usually contained within a relatively familiar circle of your company’s followers and potentially their followers. Consequently, blogging tends to reach the same, familiar audiences, unless you decide to go for sponsored posts. Sponsoring naturally helps to break out beyond your usual social media crowd and even target specific groups.

However, when you do technology public relations and your press releases and thought leadership articles get published by international and regional technology media, you will immediately access a much larger audience within your target industry worldwide.

Public Relations Strengthens Your Technology Thought Leadership Image

If you publish content only on your own channels such as the company blog, social media profiles, or another forum your company owns, your audience easily considers this content as self-promotion.

Technology Public Relations, on the contrary, strengthens your credibility as a vendor and an industry Thought Leader, when respected tech media writes about your company and products.

In fact, technology thought leadership image can directly contribute to growing your sales. According to research by Edelman PR and LinkedIn, B2B companies with a strong Thought Leadership position sell more compared to competitors with an image of a follower-player.

Tech PR Increases your Website Traffic

If you create your media content, be it a press release, op-ed, thought leadership article, or a case study smartly, you will have a possibility to build backlinks to your web pages. That, in turn, will bring a lot of valuable industry visitors from the target audience to your web pages.  

How do you get your links out on the media sites? One way is to build a broader content program around a media article. You can publish an insightful, non-promotional industry content on your website (e.g., white paper or case study). Embed a link to that content item into the article copy so that it provides the readers added value, and also fits the media’s agenda.  

Technology Public Relations Improves your Search Engine Ranking

Technology Public Relations provides you an excellent opportunity to boost your company’s search ranking, more precisely the Referring Domains (RD) and backlinks metrics. RD is one of the most essential search metrics as it acts as a trust signal for search engines like Google. A domain referring to your domain (through a backlink) tells search engines that your site is trusted, and provides readers valuable information.

The number of backlinks is not the only thing that counts. The quality, or the Domain Ranking of the domains referring through backlinks matter too. If global media outlets, which typically have high Domain Ratings, provide you a backlink, their backlinks carry a very high value. That, in turn, reflects your search ranking positively; search engines start to place your links at the top of the search results!

Two examples of PR increasing Referring Domains
Two examples of how PR campaigns can grow the Referring Domains metric of your website.

Public Relations Grabs the Attention of Technology Journalists

When your company is known to media and enjoys a trusted industry Thought Leadership image, you will gradually begin to earn quotes on journalists’ articles and interviews by editors. This is referred to as reactive Public Relations, and it is a highly impactful tool for technology companies aiming at the top of the industry food-chain.

PR Helps to Engage with Tech Analysts

Gaining strong analyst attention is a deal-breaker for any technology company. Once your company becomes a frequent headline item in the technology industry media, it helps you to engage with technology analysts, which typically publish analyses, ratings, and comparisons of key players in the industry. Attention from B2B technology buyers, decision-makers and C-suite is guaranteed for your company!

In Conclusion

Whereas almost anyone can do blogging, technology public relations requires specialist skills, time, resources, and investments. But, so are the advantages of Public Relations much higher! It is a highly impactful marketing tool for technology companies, and the only way to become the ultimate Technology Thought Leader. Unlike paid media campaigns, which only deliver what was paid for, a smart Public Relations program can scale up without limits.

Grip Agency is a team of marketing and technology Public Relation specialists. We write high-quality industry content and press releases and generate global media publicity for international technology companies. Read some of our reference articles! Or, contact us directly to talk about PR!

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Mikko Nurmimäki

Mikko Nurmimaki is a technology marketing specialist with 15 years of experience from world-class tech brands such as Nokia, Ericsson, Spirent and more. Before founding Grip Agency, Mikko held product marketing responsibility at Spirent’s Connectivity Technologies and Management Business Unit.