This Technology Marketing Agency Aims to Transform Tech Companies into Thought Leaders

Grip Agency launched Technology Marketing and Public Relations services to help tech companies communicate their value proposition in a compelling way, gain Top rankings on Google, get visibility on Tech Media, and Generate Sales Leads!

Helsinki, 1st of March 2017: Grip Agency has rolled-out Technology Marketing and PR services to international tech companies. The first companies to sign up for the Grip Agency services are telecom solutions provider Sicap Schweiz AG and leading Video-on-Demand (VOD) enabler Xstream A/S.

Technology Marketing Overview

Grip agency' Technology Marketing services are “productified” content marketing and PR concepts, which have been developed and field-proven by several international B2B technology companies. One example of the effectiveness of the concept is that of a global B2B cloud provider in the telecommunications sector where it generated more than 1,000 qualified enterprise sales leads in one year in the virtual operator market.

Grip Agency believes that the popularity of content marketing among B2B marketeers is peaking because it matches the behavior of B2B tech buyers. The marketeers generally use easy-to-use cloud-based tools to tap into a buyer’s behaviour, which seems to make inbound content marketing a simple matter. However, because of the popularity and prevalence of content marketing, which often ignores the quality of the messaging itself, the proliferation of content clutters the landscape.

As a result, B2B buyers are blasted with content, online ads and free Ebooks, which they now ignore.

How a Technology Marketing Agency differs from Normal B2B Agencies? 

“Unlike competing content marketing firms, Grip Agency differentiates through its technology substance knowledge, high quality messaging and global media relations,” says Grip’s founder Mikko Nurmimaki. “Before driving inbound traffic to a customer’s website, Grip Agency first creates customers an impactful, yet simple value proposition and other supporting materials, which clearly conveys the value of the offering. This maximizes the conversion from hits to contacts when the audience eventually finds its way on the customer’s website.”

Normal marketing agencies however typically do not possess the in-depth skills for hi-tech marketing, technology strategies, value creation and product messaging and hence fail to take ownership of a tech company’s marketing without an extensive introduction period. Grip Agency brings together a team of global technology marketing and PR specialists and is able to deliver the entire marketing process of a company virtually operating on any hi-tech sector.

“At Xstream A/S we needed a total reformulation of the value proposition for our MediaMaker Video platform without having to employ and train full-time specialist resources. Grip Marketing brought in the required tech marketing and PR skills, was able to quickly update our market messaging to better match the new customer needs and to clearly convey our distinctive value,” says Jacob Barlebo, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Xstream.

Here are the Launched Technology Marketing Services

Grip Agency offers four Technology Marketing services:

  • Technology Product Marketing
  • Technology Content Creation
  • Public Relations for Tech Companies
  • Sales Leads Generation in Tech Markets

The Technology Product Marketing service provides customers a solid foundation for product messaging before starting any recurring monthly inbound content marketing and PR activities. It combines a differentiation strategy, economic value creation and a distinctive value proposition, which are conveyed through convincing sales and buying materials.

The Technology Content Creation service delivers customers high-quality technology content for all purposes - search engines optimized (SEO) blogs, industry articles, whitepapers, ebooks and more. As a result of this service, customer get content that ranks at top on Google, makes buying easier for the end-customers, helps to convert click into sales leads.

The Technology Sales Leads Generation service says it all on the headline. It is a pure inbound marketing concept for companies that aim to boost sales lead generation with a minimum investment in technology markets. Working with a client, Grip Agency creates a persuasive content with a strong call-to-action, and promotes it through highly targeted AdWords campaigns, social media, email marketing, and all relevant digital marketing techniques.

The Technology Public Relations service is a unique, no-nonsense PR process tailored for international Tech companies. The package is tailored for customers wishing to strengthen their thought leadership image on relevant global vertical and national media. There are six primary benefits Tech companies get from media coverage - higher industry visibility, more web traffic, better search engine ranking among the many others.

It is a fully outsourced process where the client only reviews and approves the produced content and planned campaigns.

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Mikko Nurmimäki

Mikko Nurmimaki is a technology marketing specialist with 15 years of experience from world-class tech brands such as Nokia, Ericsson, Spirent and more. Before founding Grip Agency, Mikko held product marketing responsibility at Spirent’s Connectivity Technologies and Management Business Unit.